Wild Orange is known as the “oil of abundance”. Orange is the color of the second chakra therefore calls in the properties of water which aid in emotional support. Similar to lime, wild orange has uplifting and calming qualities which effect the state of the mind and body. Historically, wild orange has been used to treat conditions such as scurvy, jaundice, and digestive related issues. Due to its immune supportive properties, wild orange aids in fighting colds and bronchial related illnesses. Along with being an immune booster, wild orange also adds a glow to the complexion by enhancing tissue repair.

Wild orange is believed to be anticancer, antidepressant, and an antiseptic. It can lower high cholesterol and help reduce anxiety, lessen insomnia, and nervousness. Wild orange is also used to ease the transition into menopause and can be a tool in relieving feelings of sluggishness.