Vetiver is a grass native to South East Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia) and now grows in other areas such as Haiti and Reunion. The thick consistency of vetiver demonstrates its grounding and “earthy” properties which has a direct correlation to the root chakra. Vetiver’s calming properties exudes the essence of “protection” and “safety” sealing off and protecting one from negative energies. Another energetic component of vetiver is its ability to bring forth financial resources.

Vetiver is a nervine and thus soothes the nervous system. It aids in restful sleep while stimulating circulation, increasing blood flow and revitalizing red blood cells. Vetiver has been used to remedy ADHD behaviors due to its calmative qualities.

Labeled as a “cooling” oil vetiver helps to ease scattered thoughts, “cooling down” emotional upheaval and grounds “flightiness” by interrupting repetitive or looping thought patterns. Vetiver lessens anxiety and eases nervousness and is effective when stabilizing mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Vetiver is used for focusing attention, limiting and/or eliminating distractions, reducing hyperactivity, calming restless energy and supports the endocrine system.