Rosemary is an aromatic, magical and evergreen plant used as an herb in the culinary kitchen for flavor as well as in a myriad of products for it’s healing properties. Rosemary is a shrub with needle shaped leaves and originates from Asia with traces of its presence in Egypt and ancient Greece. today it is common to see rosemary growing in places such as the USA, Mediterranean, Australia. Rosemary was (and still is) revered as sacred by many cultures. there’s belief that Aphrodite was wearing rosemary when she was born. It was also used as a tool to ward off evil and to prevent the spread of the plague. 

Rosemary is believed to stimulate the brain, improve memory and relieve tiredness. It also boosts the immune system aiding the common cold, flu, headaches, and stress related illnesses. The aromatic influences stimulate memory and the physical/body influences help to open the conscious mind. 

Rosemary can be used to soothe pain from sore muscles, helps relieve arthritis, is wonderful for the skin and reducing fine lines as well as clearing up acne and broken capillaries.