Cinnamon originates from tropical Asia and is still widely used in India and Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is known for its delectable taste and warming properties making it an agent in warding off germs and colds. True cinnamon is an evergreen tree with soft bark which is what cinnamon is derived from. Throughout history, cinnamon has been used to treat indigestion, fight colds and coughs and is very high in antioxidants. Cinnamon also boosts mental function making it a brain tonic.

Cinnamon is a blood purifier as it improves circulation and increases metabolic activity. Cinnamon also helps to control blood sugar and is used to lessen insulin in cases of diabetes making it useful for indigestion and nausea. Associated with the element of fire, cinnamon ignites the “root chakra while acting as a calmative. Traditionally, cinnamon has been and is a common ingredient found in love potions.