Peppermint originates from the Mediterranean region and is now cultivated in places such as the US, Japan, China and Europe. Evidence shows that peppermint has been used historically since about 1,000 BC for indigestion and respiratory conditions. The multitude of uses for peppermint makes its presence known when soothing inflammation (muscular) and it helps remedy ailments such as the common cold. The fresh aroma and taste of peppermint freshens breath and is therefore added to oral products such as toothpaste. Great for reducing fevers, peppermint also soothes throat irritations, reduces nausea and calms motion sickness. Cooling in property, peppermint is great for reducing headaches and clearing out mental stagnation as it helps tocool” anger, aids in depression, fatigue, regenerates and supports the nerves, elevates the mood, helps with vomiting, heartburn. Peppermint is an anti viral, anti inflammatory, anti septic, anti spasmodic and is generally invigorating.