WHITE FIR Originates from the western part of North America, particularly mountainous regions. White fir has been used traditionally by native Americans for its many healing properties and is also known as the “Christmas Tree”. White fir is good for the respiratory system and help to reduce congestion, muscular and rheumatic pain while enhancing energy. White fir is a symbol of “protection” as animals seek shelter under its umbrella like needled branches. The aroma of white fir alone encourages a sense of grounding, empowerment, feeling safe, while stimulating and relaxing the body and mind. White Fir draws energy down from the universe while simultaneously drawing energy up to protect the earth and its inhabitants.

White fir is also believed to be an anti viral, anti septic, anti microbial and an astringent. It aids in reducing inflammation of overworked muscles and joints as well as helps lower fevers while illuminating chills.