Cypress is one of the oldest plant members to tell a story. Fossilized evidence dating back to Pangea times, 153 million years ago, exhibits signs that Cupressaceae (Cypress) existed. Of course, there are many different species of Cypress, but this conifer has lived to tell a few tales, one being the break up of a super-continent 153 years ago. Cypress grow as both trees and shrubs in temperate climates.

Due to its history, it is no wonder that Cypress stimulates the circulatory system and strengthens blood capillary walls which in the end fortify the immune system. Cypress is also an astringent, helps fight coughs, flus, and aids in reducing fevers. 

Cypress is also believed to strengthen connective tissue, promotes circulation (including circulation in the lungs), increases perspiration, helps heal wounds, and calms nervous tension.