Clove's history is a bit diluted and it is believed to have originated from China around 300AD. Clove was coveted and “smuggled” during the spice wars and is now grown in places such as Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Eastern Africa, and Indonesia. At one point, clove was the most expensive and prized spice. Cloves are small flowers that are dried which then turn into “nails” or “clou" as the French have named it. 

For many years clove has been used for dental purposes especially applied to the teeth or gums to sooth toothaches and as a breath freshener. Like ginger and cinnamon, clove aids in digestion and intestinal support as well as fights off infections. Clove is used to “extract” infections from tissues and is super high in antioxidants.

Clove is also believed to be anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti viral, immune stimulant, anti inflammatory and anti infectious. Clove also supports the cardiovascular, digestive, immune and respiratory systems.