Melaleuca originates from Australia and can grow as a shrub or a tree. The flowers of a melaleuca tree are white and grow in a bottle like form. After white settlers made their way to Australia, aborigines taught the ways of Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) as it was called by Captain Cook. Research on the health benefits of melaleuca result in findings that prove this powerful plant medicine is 12 times higher in phenol making it a strong antiseptic bactericide. 


The leaves of the melaleuca have been used for centuries by the aborigines to heal skin infections including oral by crushing up the leaves and making poultices and they even bathed in water with melaleuca leaves. The healing properties of melaleuca are many ranging from cuts and wounds to supporting the immune system to head lice to bronchitis and digestion. 

The aromatic influence of melaleuca promotes cleansing and purity and this plant medicineresponds on a physical/body level by promoting healthy immune and respiratory systems, muscles and bones.


Further health benefits of melaleuca include fungicide, it soothes burns, helps heal vaginal thrush, athletes foot, sunburn, sore throat, and is a remedy for the common cold.