Lemon originally comes from the lands of India and can reach about 20 feet in height. The leaves are serrated and dark green in color. Lemon has been used for many years to help boost the immune system. High in vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon was used back in the day for cases of scurvy. In general, lemon is an amazing detoxifier and purifier not only of the physical body but the mental and emotional as well. The fragrance and even the color of lemon is uplifting and enlivening brightening the spirit and providing support for the emotional state.

The health benefits of lemon are numerous and just to name a few:  Lemon is a digestive aiding in intestinal support and helps eliminate intestinal parasites. Lemon works wonders when fighting colds and also helps reduce fevers, is a germicide, a disinfectant and purifies tap water. Lemon also eases nervousness and balances the nervous system, it is believed to reduce high blood pressure, lower acidity in the body and even helps cases of gout and arthritis.