Cedar Wood is an evergreen tree in the Cypress family that grows in colder/temperate climates so its properties are offered year round. 

Cedar wood is a general purifier, therefore, cedar wood essential oil can be used for healing on many levels including the physical and spiritual. Cedar wood oil's essence alone cleanses the environment from negativity and stagnation. Cedar wood aids in cleansing the body, brings brightness and health to the skin. and when applied before bedtime, it can enhance serotonin which converts into melatonin encouraging a gentle, calming effect and lending support to a restorative sleep.

Cedar wood also relieves white blood cells of stress which helps boost the immune system. Cedar wood is an anti fungal, antiseptic (can be applied directly to wounds), anti inflammatory, sedative, insect repellent, as a tonic it helps tone the organs and stimulates metabolism. Cedar wood also brings calm to the nervous system, enhances clarity of mind and draws earth energy up to ground energy down. Cedar wood is believed to be essential oil of "yoga".