Cardamom is a perennial herb stemming from the ginger family. Cardamom is grown in the rich humid and wet forests of India and now such places as Australia, Guatemala, and Indonesia. The first sign of the this amazingly flavorful and rich spice are the delicate white flowers that appear at the base of the tall plants in springtime which fruit into green seed pods in autumn. Within these papery pods are cardamom’s prized seeds.

There is evidence that cardamom was used over 4,000 years ago for its medicinal purposes: to treat epilepsy, intestinal illnesses, paralysis, fever and digestive disorders. Today cardamom is used to treat common colds and is still used for digestive and respiratory ailments.

Cardamom also brings about clarity of mind by “clearing” out confusion and dissipates mental fatigue, clears congestion, soothes coughs, eases sore muscles, calms nausea, reduces inflammation, and eases headaches.