BASIL The name, basil, is derived from “basileus” the Greek word meaning “King” and was referred to as the “king of plants”. Basil is also known as the “oil of renewal” and synonymously called the “queen of plants”. Originating from Asia and Africa, basil now grows in diverse climates such as the Mediterranean and Europe, North America, South America and the Pacific Islands. Women in Italy would wear basil sprigs as a symbol of luck to attract a sweetheart. In India, basil is considered “The Incomparable One” and “Mother Medicine of Nature” and is seen as holy among other things. Basil has been a apart of Hindu culture for roughly 3,000 years.

Historically, basil oil has been used for respiratory disorders and to support muscle fatigue and address digestive concerns. Good for adrenal support and general fatigue, basil adds a shine to mental clarity and the overall well being of the spirit. In addition, basil is used as a tool to help reduce anxiety, aid in digestion, soothe cases of the blues and helps brightens up the complexion. Basil can be used to restore achy and tired muscles especially after working out or engaging in strenuous exercise. Basil is adaptogenic which alleviates stress whether due to environmental, physical mental and/or emotional causes. Basil heals where healing is needed.