ABOUT the sprays...

The time is now to find your “Pulse” and ignite your magic. Pulse Remedies inspires time to unwind and stay grounded while releasing stagnancy allowing yourself to feel refreshed. With one simple spray, Pulse Remedies returns you back to your empowered self.

PULSE REMEDIES… Pure Certified Essential Oil Sprays made with Do Terra essential oils and pure water are subtle, au natural and extraordinaire. These blends safe to spray directly on the skin and purify your environment. Whether you are at the gym, in the car, in the yoga studio, office, classroom, bathroom or at home with just one spray, Pulse Remedies makes everything ok.

Pulse Remedies…They bring you back to Earth when you get stuck out in it!


Scents are a way of assimilating foreign lands into familiar territory. We have an amazing part of the brain called the limbic system whereby we receive information through our senses (including the olfactory system), gets processed and is integrated into finding homeostasis. The sense of smell is one way to navigate the world, one I use personally. Nature including essential oils take me to solid ground when my soul longs for connection. As the nose and brain are interconnected, so we are connected to nature through our five, and some would say six amazing senses. Experience the essence of Pulse Remedies and allow the sense of smell to open up your world from the outside in and inside out bringing nature to you.

To find out more information on the individual oils and where to buy them, please check out: http://www.mydoterra.com/jenniferjolson/#/


ABOUT Jennifer Olson, the Founder of Pulse Remedies:

Jennifer Olson is a continuous student at the University of Self Mastery. She follows her passions by dancing her way through life Mentoring and teaching yoga to kids (and sometimes adults). She has traveled the world, and finds peace hiking mountains, playing alchemist and continues to fine tune the master piece of her life’s journey.  Through  self study and institutionalized education, Jennifer applies modern and traditional ways of deepening her connection to nature and plant medicine including Do Terra Essential Oils. She practices living a clean lifestyle while continuously rediscovering her inner compass.  

Jennifer received a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Western Washington University followed by Masters of Science in Education from the University of Edinburgh. She is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She completed a 500 hour Ayurveda Therapist certificate program through the Ayurveda Hospital in Coonoor, India and completed a 200 hour level YTT from Tribe Yoga in Mandrem, India. Jennifer has completed a myriad of  kids’ yoga trainings including Yoga Behind Bars, Street Yoga, Next Generation Yoga (2-7 and 8-13 year olds), Circus Yoga Immersion Level I, Integrative Movement Therapy Level I and Little Flowers Yoga and Mindfulness Trainings Levels I, II and III.

Jennifer continues to study and practice plant medicine, nutrition and yoga. She currently teaches kids yoga, and on occasion adult classes,  Jennifer sees private clients both kids and adults who want to connect with their PULSE and be empowered in their lives.

To book a private session for an Individual or Group consultation, please contact Jennifer Olson at: jenn@pulseremedies.com. 

55 mins=$115

First 55 minute session is free!